5 years before I was born in the KhaoIDang Refugee Camp, my parents' lives were thrown into darkness during the Khmer Rouge regime spearheaded by Pol Pot.

They worked endless days in the rice fields, witnessed unspeakable atrocities, suffered from malnutrition and starvation, yet they had hope. When I start to have thoughts of entitlement, I am reminded that resilience is in my DNA. Hard work, determination, grit, compassion, and the will to move forward has always been the driving force in bringing me to today.

Pictured here: My Late Father, My Mother (carrying me in her arms), my Paternal Grandmother and My Cousin. We were the only ones to escape Cambodia's Killing Fields leaving behind other surviving members of our extended family. When people ask why I am so driven, I tell them...my parents didn't escape death for no reason. I AM their reason.

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