FOUND Cambodia - a not-for-profit research project

FOUND Cambodia is a not-for-profit research project which is constructing an archive of Cambodian personal photographs that traces some of the socio-cultural changes Cambodia has witnessed since 1979. It is a constantly growing archive of everyday Cambodian photography, brought to light from individuals’ and families’ drawers, albums, and closets. The images provide a vernacular lens to how individuals in post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia have experienced the social and cultural revival following the regime’s fall. Further, the project also includes photographs taken before the Khmer Rouge came into power. These images serve as poignant testimonies of the effects that macroscopic socio-political changes bear on the individual.

A unique glimpse into Cambodians’ day-to-day lives over the past four decades, ‘FOUND Cambodia’ serves as a visual research archive for anyone interested in understanding societal changes through the eyes of an individual.

Buying one of our fund-raising tee shirts will enable the work of collecting and archiving these personal photographs to continue. All the profits go towards building the archive.

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Charles Fox is a photographer based out of Phnom Penh Cambodia. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Visit his website http://www.charles-fox.com/