My grandfather's name was Sawn Khiev. Prior to the war, he was working as an accountant in Battambang. When the fighting broke out, he was drafted into the Khmer military and worked as a military police officer. He was quite known for his daring gun battle against the Khmer rouge in which he and his brother held a bridge with only a machine gun and hand grenades, resulting in him getting shot in the shoulder. When the Khmer rouge defeated the Khmer government in 1975, my grandfather was taken from his home and beaten to death only 500 yards from the house. He knew what was going to happen to him, but because he had a pregnant wife and 4 kids he had no choice but to go, afraid of what would happen to his family if he ran away.  My father was 11 when this happened. Although I never met Sawn, I can tell he was a good and selfless man who put his family and country before him.