On April 17th, 1975 they came and took my father, and I assumed they (Pol pot) killed him. I don't remember much about my father... But, what I remembered and I never forget my mother blood soaked sarong from having my sister born on April 19th 1975.  Forced out our home to country side and seeing my mother cried and her blood. There's no word when you're just a child. To these day I still can detected my mother  sadness in her eyes from missing my dad after all these years. We never talk about it.

40 years later! Now that I had my own son and expecting a girl this month.  I hope she not born on April 17th or 19th.  But, the expected due date is on April 19th 2015. Waoh!!  

Life goes on... And I told my son that we're lucky that we lived in United State. Here, there's no war, no running around like papa, and we had a place to call home if you're working hard for it.  No body can crew you up only yourself... 
Be good and I promised him that I'll  be the best dad I can be. Because I don't remember having a dad myself.